Our Story

Changing fast food for good

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if fast food were good for you? Great news. It is now!

We are Hawaiian. And we make good and healthy food easy for everyone.

Our specialty: poké bowls the way they're meant to be. Always fresh and prepared for you with a smile. We make everything ourselves.

That's how we give you the best value for money. You could call it super-fast superfood.

This is how Hawaiian is changing the future of fast food.

Wanna join us?

At Hawaiian we make fast food that really, really makes you happy.

Our secret? The Central Kitchen: our kitchen in Antwerp is where we personally select each piece of vegetable, meat, or fish for your poké bowl.

This way we are certain that we serve you the best ingredients. And because we do everything ourselves, our prices will make you happy too.

Double the enjoyment!

Want to change fast food for good?

As a member of the Hawaiian family you are part of something bigger: bringing positive change to the world, while you achieve growth in your career.

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